Bear enters California Airbnb through open window, destroys house

Guests at a California Airbnb were forced to retreat to their rooms and call for help when an “extremely aggressive bear” entered the residence through an open window.

The California Highway Patrol said personnel stationed in Truckee responded alongside the Placer County Sheriff’s Office when guests at an Airbnb in the Northstar area called for help.

The CHP said officers arrived to find an “extremely aggressive bear” had entered through an open window and the occupants had locked themselves in other rooms to hide from the animal.

The bear “proceeded to destroy the house looking for food,” the CHP said. “The bear charged at officers multiple times until they were able to get it back outside.”

Police found the bear was a mother with three cubs waiting in a tree outside.

“Good reminder to all who live up here and all that come to play up here, you are in bear country and it was their home first,” the CHP said.