New Hampshire distillery turns invasive crabs into whiskey

A New Hampshire distillery unveiled a new whiskey with an unusual key ingredient — invasive green crabs.

Tamworth Distilling said it teamed up with the University of New Hampshire’s NH Green Crab Project to develop House of Tamworth Crab Trapper, which is billed as being “made with a bourbon base steeped with a custom crab, corn and spice blend mixture.”

Steven Grasse, owner of Tamworth Distilling, said the developers boiled more than 90 pounds of the tiny crabs into a crab stock that was then fortified with Tamworth-made neutral grain spirits and distilled on a rotary vacuum.

“It has crab on the nose, for certain,” Grasse told Forbes. He said the taste is like “a briny and better Fireball.”

The crabs used for the liquor came from a Seabrook, N.H., trapper. Green crabs are native to Europe and are considered an invasive threat to the New England ecosystem.

“We are raising awareness of the problem in a way that is fun and interesting, but it also shows that through creativity and gumption, we can turn these pesky critters into a tasty treat,” Grasse says. “We want more brave souls in the culinary arts to rise to the challenge: Defeat the enemy by eating them!”

House of Tamworth Crab Trapper is being sold at a price of $65 for a 750 milliliter bottle.